Bridge and staircase

The parapet panes of the bridge form a rigid connection with the adjacent floor slabs, thereby creating the static of a trough bridge. The parapet panes of the staircase form a rigid connection with the step risers, again with the intention of achieving a trough bridge effect. The hand rails are only called on to distribute the capping loads and the down forces from the parapet panes. The negligible contribution of the hand rails in the distribution of the vertical loads is not taken into account.

To verify structural safety and serviceability of both bridge and staircase, a safety concept with assessment rules was proposed, which is compatible with steel construction assessment norms. Structural safety was verified in experiments on individual structural parts, structural groups and on the finished supporting structures. Structural safety in various cases of glass pane damage was also verified in extensive testing. In particular, stress resistance of the parapet panes in the case of one damaged glass plate and in the case of damage to both glass plates was determined in experiments.

glasstec 2006 Steelglass Construction Tests
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